How to choose the right server for your business

A Sever can help a business stay organised, efficient and even to accelerate workload performance. There are a wide variety of servers available, all of them highly configurable.

Choosing the right server depends in large measure on the applications you intend to run on it. If all you need is file sharing, automated client backup, and light-duty remote access for PCs (ten or fewer users), consider an entry-level server in a tower configuration. Although a small server might looks very similar to a high-end desktop PC, these machines are designed for very different tasks. Here are some models suitable for your home or small office;

DELL PowerEdge T20

Lenovo ThinkServer TS140

HP Enterprise ProLiant MicroServer Gen8

If your business has more than ten employees using computers, if you need to operate an email or print server, manage a complex database, or run sophisticated server-based applications (such as customer relationship management software or Enterprise Risk Management), or if you have very large storage requirements, you’ll need a more powerful option such as a tower, rack, or blade server.  It’s also important to have in mind that your business doesn’t want to be replacing its server in the short-term, so a level of expansion is highly recommended. This will usually mean using hard drives that can be upgraded as your server requires more memory.  Here are some suggestions for business with more than ten employees:

Lenovo ThinkServer TS440 70AN

HP Enterprise ProLiant ML350 Gen9

HP Enterprise ProLiant BL460c Gen9

Based on what are your business needs, you’ll be able to narrow your search for a server to options that provide the specific functionality you require. But if you have any questions or need any help to choose the right server for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to help!


Tips to buy a printer

Here are some important things to consider before you choose a printer;

  • Colour or Mono printer: Colour printers provide quality graphic presentations, but at a cost in print speed and at a higher cost per page. Monochrome printers can provide high-quality black and white documents, including images, faster and less expensively. If you need to grab your readers attention, using colour makes prospects 80% more likely to stop and read your message.
  • MultiFunction (MFP) or Single Function: Multifunction printers, also called all-in-ones, have the ability to print, scan, copy and fax documents. Consolidating these devices into one multifunctional machine can offer significant space savings. The single function printers are used for just dedicated printing where copying and scanning are not needed or need to be restricted.
  • Print volume: Consider the number of people who will be using each printer. If too many users rely on a single printer, the number of pages they print each month could exceed its capabilities, causing it to malfunction.
  • Print quality: It depends on how often you need professional or print-shop quality printing. Although we believe that is always good to impress your customers with professional-quality colour documents.
  • Security: If your business regularly handles sensitive information, invest in printers with native security features that are in line with your level of risk. Keep in mind that you can’t make an older printer more secure. If you think you’ll want a more secure printer in the near future, buy one now or be prepared to replace your printer when you’re ready to increase your security.

We have a wide selection of printers, from HP, Epson, Canon, DELL, Lexmark and Brother. If you need any help to choose the right printer for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to help! more than just a website is much more than just a website. We offer a hybrid e-commerce solution that gives the ease and benefits of a standard e-tail supplier with the backup, support and knowledge of dedicated sales team to help with every question and ensure every interaction is as simple, helpful and solution centric. Products are available online at the click of a mouse for those who like to shop and browse, with full product specs, images and accessories, or for those who know exactly what they need and need it fulfilled now. With 1,000’s of I.T. products, all products on our website are available for immediate shipping allowing almost instant IT needs to be met from home use to small business to enterprise roll outs. For those who need a little more, we offer online and offline support through our sales specialists who can find the right product and perfect solution for you whatever the need. We back this up with close alignment and support from all major manufacturers and our own dedicated team who will deal directly with all sales and after sales queries

Our philosophy and work model is to make the process of buying or upgrading your I.T. requirements as simple as possible. We will always try to get the best product, price and promotion available with great deals available like ‘Buy & Try’, ‘Cashback’ and ‘Trade In’ offers all available. Let us help you, call our dedicated sales team on 01 460 6038 or email today!

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Top 5 Printers for Business

The era of the paperless office is declared year after year, yet printers remain as vital a part of the office as ever. As new models continue to become more versatile, more efficient and more cost effective, there has never been a better time to upgrade the office printer.

Such a diversity of printer types means that whatever the requirements of your particular office there is a printer suited to those needs. Here we list the best printers from five different categories.

Budget Laser Colour

Samsung CLP-365


Laser printers are no longer an option reserved only for businesses with high level printing requirements and large expense accounts. High quality laser printing is available in a number of cost effective models.

The Samsung CLP-365 provides vivid 2400 x 600 dpi printing in a compact design. The CLP-365 also enables users to print wirelessly, directly from a range of devices including mobile.

High-end Multifunction

HP LaserJet M521


For larger offices that need high volume and consistent quality the HP LaserJet is an ideal solution. It uses 265MB of memory that enable it to queue up a large number of jobs at once. At peak speeds the M521 produces 40ppm and offers double sided printing options to save on paper.

Copying, scanning and faxing can all be handled from the M521’s intuitive LCD touchscreen display.

Workhorse Multifunction

Epson Workforce Pro WF-4640


Some offices need a robust, reliable multifunction printer that can cover all of their printing requirements, day-in day-out without breaking the bank. Epson’s Workforce Pro WF-4640 is well suited to a small office set up with rigorous, consistent printing requirements. The printer’s substantial speed of 20ppm does not result in any loss of quality for print jobs.

It is also designed for a high workload, with a duty cycle of 30,000 pages per month. A tray capacity of 580 sheets saves workers from regular paper reloading.

Large format

HP DesignJet T520


For architectural firms and design companies a large format printer is often a necessity. However it is no small expense and choosing the right model calls for appropriate consideration. The DesignJet T520 provides printing up to 36″ across and at high resolution as high as 2400 dpi.

1GB of RAM allows for large, complicated designs to be processed quickly and efficiently. Built in wireless technology enables printing from anywhere in the office as well as from mobile devices including Apple and Android enabled smartphones.


Canon Pixma iP110


The convenience of digital photography means more pictures are taken than ever. At the same time, fewer of these are ending up as actual physical pictures that we can hold, put in albums and show to others. Modern photo quality printers have become very affordable and convenient, giving users the opportunity to produce high quality glossy print outs of the many memories stored on their phones.

Canon’s Pixma iP110 comes in a compact format that produces stunning quality photo print outs at a very reasonable price point. It offers an incredible 9,600 dpi level of quality and can print from any device as well as the cloud.

Our Favourite Business Laptops

It can be difficult to say what distinguishes a good business laptop from the rest of the the crowd. Many laptops are now available that seem to do everything a business laptop might need and for a very reasonable price.

However a few months down the line when that inexpensive purchase begins to shudder under the strain of near constant daily use is when the difference shows. With several programs running at once important communication services like VOIP need to run seamlessly without having to close down other applications, all on a daily basis, all without the laptop losing performance over time.

A real business laptop needs to do more than just open emails and run word processing software. It needs to be robust, to be able to endure constant use and abuse. It needs to be light and portable without being fragile or flimsy. It also needs to continue to run almost as new even after months or years of continual running. No one wants to have to transfer all of their data and settings to a new laptop every few months just because the old one has slowed to a crawl.

We have compiled a list of  laptops that we think have the qualities needed to be a top business laptop.

HP Envy 15

Model J142NA

The Envy 15 ships with lots of power for a sustained workload at a very reasonable price. It features an i7 Core Intel processor and 8GB of RAM. Its HD LED screen is able to reach its full potential thanks to the on-board 2GB Nvidia mobile graphics card.


Lenovo Thinkpad Edge

Model E540

The Lenovo Thinkpad Edge ideal laptop for small businesses. It is a solid office workhorse that provides longevity without breaking the bank. While not as glamorous as some other laptops it uses its resources where they count with an Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB of Ram. Designed for durability with MIL-SPEC ruggedization, it also incorporates drop resistance technology that protects your hard drive in case of accidents.


Apple Macbook Pro 15” Retina

The Macbook Pro is a high end portable work station. With a 2.2GHz i7 processor and 16GB of RAM it simply churns through any high level processing task you can throw at it. The mesmerising 2880×1800 retina display means you wont miss single thing and high resolution graphics editing software runs optimally.



HP Elitebook

Model 740 G1

The HP Elitebook manages to be rugged without looking like it. An 810G grade MIL-SPEC chassis belies an elegant exterior. HP gets a lot of performance out of the Elitebook’s i5 processor and an efficient battery lets you keep working without having to worry about plugging in. Lightweight construction means its a breeze to carry whether you are crossing the office or crossing an ocean.